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posted in The French Studio/ Le studio du français

I have "graduated" from this course and wondered what other resources people use to keep up with their French learning?

posted in The German Studio / Das Deutsch Studio

Another card that I've been puzzling over for a while but have thoughts on now:

Für die Besetzung der Rolle stehen zwei Schauspieler zur Verfügung.

The English translation is given as "Two actors are available for the cast."

I do not think the English and German mean the same thing, assuming I understand Besetzung der Rolle correctly (the casting of a part/role). The German sounds to me like there is a role that needs an actor and there are two "applicants" available.

However, "Two actors are available for the cast" is more like a generic "there are two actors available who can participate, but we may or may not have any vacancies, and possibly we could just add two more bodies to the background that we didn't think we needed but why not?"

The German indicates there is a vacancy that needs a performer. The English lacks that. It's possible in the English that all positions have been filled, but there are two more people available to be added as background performers.

I would suggest this as the English: "There are two actors available to be cast for the role" (actually I would say "part" personally, in a real conversation*, but without context, I think "role" sounds better)

* A real conversion might go:

A: Oh boy, Mr Spielberg, Tom Hanks just dropped out of the project. We need someone to play Helmut Kohl!

B: (looks at collection of head shots) Well there are two other actors we could cast for the part.

(Just that without the context, "part" could be confusing)

In fact, the current English almost sounds like there is some job they need the actors to do, like appear on a talk show, and there are two available from the cast to go on the talk show.

posted in Questions | Answers | Challenges

This forum seems to be running on NodeBB.

posted in Suggestion Box

Well, the problem I’m having with streaks is that they do motivate me as long as they’re running, but whenever I lose one of them, all my motivation is blown away.
This is particularly frustrating if the situation isn’t really your fault like you having no access to internet or you work at 00:05 in the morning. Because of that I prefer that there are no streaks at all.

posted in Suggestion Box

Streaks are stupid and add really no benefit.

I wouldn't make that statement that sweepingly. Not everybody is wired the same. While a streak may have no benefit to you or to the author of the article you linked, streaks are valuable motivational tools for other people. I personally found streaks a very valuable tool to keep at my daily learning routines.

You might compare that to learning methods, where different methods work for different people. I for one like to build a solid foundation, to get one topic really down before I move to the next. I don't like to juggle multiple topics that I'm only half sure-footed in at the same time. But others are easily frustrated by sticking to one topic for a prolonged time. Same goes for learning by reading vs. learning by listing, and many other topics.

Additionally, we're talking about different time frames here. The reasons why you started to learn a language is an important motivational factor in the long run for sure. But for the short range, day-to-day motivation, a streak can help a lot. Often the thought of loosing a long streak on a platform gave me the proverbial kick in the butt not to give in to my weaker self and and not postpone today's learning session to tomorrow.

posted in Technical troubles

I noticed that I was stuck on "82" cards, the number didn't go up. I refreshed the page, it stayed "82", did a card, it went up to "83", then I noticed again that it had gotten stuck on "83", so when I refreshed, it went back to "81" and got stuck there, for the third time. I stopped then.

The number is stuck both on the bar on the bottom and in the progress report.

posted in The German Studio / Das Deutsch Studio

Du kannst ja bestimmte Tagesziele erreichen, wie "100 Karten gelernt" oder "80% richtig beantwortet". Die Symbole im Verlauf zeigen an, welche dieser Ziele Du am jeweiligen Tag erreicht hast. Und wenn Du beispielsweise 200 Karten an einem Tag gelernt hast, dann steht hinter dem Symbol für "100 Karten gelernt" eben ein "x2" :)

posted in The German Studio / Das Deutsch Studio

Two little nitpickings on the side: It's "ich bin eingeschlafen" instead of "ich habe eingeschlafen". And the winners would probably complain about a "Preisverlierung" (a "price loosing ceremony"?) instead of a "Preisverleihung" ;) But I agree with your main point.

posted in The German Studio / Das Deutsch Studio

New question: Wie erfährt man, ob man gewonnen hat?

Am I misunderstanding the German? My take on it is that it works in Roger hat teilgenommen, aber er musste zeitig nach Hause gehen. Deshalb hat er die Preisverlierung verpasst. Wie erfährt man, ob man gewonnen hat? and it does not work in Ich habe zu früh eingeschlafen. Ich habe die Olympische Gymnastik nicht gesehen. Wie erfährt man, ob man hat gewonnen hat?

The English provided is "How do you find out who won?"

I propose it should be more like "How do you find out if you won?"

Assuming I understand the German usage correctly, the current English translation can be used on situations where "the person finding out" is also not "the person who competed," while the current German is only for situations where the finder-out and competitor are the same person.

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