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posted in Technical troubles

I was having this issue for a few days and yesterday, I thought it had fixed itself. I started getting new cards and I was relieved! I started practicing again this morning and it was back to looping. Hopefully you won't encounter the same thing!

posted in Technical troubles

I am experiencing this issue as well, namely after finishing the German course. I am repeatedly given 10 or so words, with a random new word thrown in every once in a while. The counter for words I have left to practice jumps around wildly.

I hope this can be fixed because I don't want to forget these words. This app is otherwise amazing.

posted in The English Studio

Hi Juan,

I see that now! The forum is not the most intuitively set up, so I eventually found a board where quite a few people mention this issue.

It's quite irritating because this app is otherwise wonderful. I don't want to forget the words I've put so much time into learning!

posted in The English Studio

Usually the material for TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC is in English (I've seen some material in Japanese, but probably because of the difference in characters).

And when you start learning English you usually watch movies/shows with subtitles on your own language, then with English subtitles, and finally without subtitles. So it is part of a process, however - in my case - English movies/shows with English subtitles were a fast way to associate sounds to written words.

posted in Technical troubles

Lucky you!

Could you describe exactly what did you do between the moment you encountered the problem and got out of the loop?


Currently there are some other accounts affected:

posted in The English Studio

Several people are having this problem. With me it also started after I graduated. There are a few posts on it in this forum.

posted in News | Updates | Love

I could be wrong, but I feel this feature is not aligned with Lingvist's vision. I think Memrise and Lingvist are distinct apps, created with very different visions. Lingvist is attentive to details of the learning process itself is thinking of ways of improving it, it wants to find the optimal way to learn a language. Memrise is just a facilitator or a tool to help people teach themselves, they are not much concerned with the process of learning as far as I know.

posted in The English Studio

I'm no expert, but I don't find this logic correct. As a child we have the advantage of not knowing a language, that is what makes us fast learners. But as adults, it's impossible to “now know” a language again, we already have our mother language and since we can't ignore it or shut it down from our thought process, it's best to embrace it as a crutch to learn new languages. Also, the languages we already know help us memorise vocabulary much faster.

posted in Questions | Answers | Challenges

I don't think the word list is meant to be reviewed or studied, I think it's there just to give you a sense of what you know. The words that you should review will show up in your stack, that's what this app is all about as I see it.

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