• RE: Course change failed

    Hello @Marina ,

    I definitely haven't reached the end of the Spanish course yet as I'm on level 9 but something might have gotten mixed up in the system which caused the problem. I'm thinking that I possibly overloaded it somehow seeing as I've been learning very intensively for the past three days.

    It is working fine in the browser and the application from Apple Store, the problem seemed to only be with the one from Play Store (I had used the same device to practice at lingvist.com without any troubles).

    It was fine today.

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  • Possible synonyms and wrong audio track (Spanish, French)

    In the Spanish course, I had come across the card "A mi _____ le encanta pescar al amanecer." I typed in "marido" but the correct answer should have been "esposo" even though the words are synonymous as far as I know.

    Then I had noticed in the French course, in the challenge titled as "The metro", the audio for "24 ans" actually plays "25 ans". The correct answer (24) is demanded nevertheless so it doesn't cause any trouble.

    As for my last enquiry, while doing the French challenge titled "A coffee shop" I had tried multiple times to pronounce the sentence "Mon amie va prendre une orange pressée." but it was registered as "ami" each time. Based on my knowledge, there shouldn't be any difference in pronunciation between the two words.

    These are only minor troubles that I believe could be improved. Thank you for your time.

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  • RE: Course change failed

    @Javier Hi Javier, thank you so much. I can access the course now but this keeps happening when I'm trying to learn vocabulary in Spanish or French:
    When I restart the app a couple of times, it starts showing vocab again. As for French, I think the cause might be that I have no new words to practice but I don't know why the Spanish course isn't working properly. Is it because I'm learning too many new words at a time?

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  • Course change failed

    When I try to switch to Spanish, the screen is loading for a few seconds and then I get a message saying 'Course change failed' What is the source of the buffering and is there any way to fix it or should I just wait?IMG_20190213_164923.jpg

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  • so, is this forum officially dead?

    or is there another reason why it isn't linked from the lingvist homepage anymore?

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  • Cancelled my Lingvist Unlimited subscription but it doesn't work! Please help!

    Last year I purchased a subscription that expires on January 2 of 2019, and I wanted to cancel it so it wouldn't renew automatically. When I tried to do so, there were already two subscription plans, even though I never bought a second one for 2019. Now this is what my subscription plan looks like. Does that mean that I was charged another year of Lingvist Unlimited?

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  • Another great resource

    Allthough a bit less advanced then lingvist, this one is pretty nice too and has strategy game attached to it. There's only French, Dutch and English to learn.

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  • RE: Why did "allow" in this sentence counts as "enable"?

    I've got no insight to the relevant algorithms either, but from my experience it's mostly a matter of word length. The "gaps" in the cards where you're typing your answer reflect the length of the word Lingvist looks for. If, for example, you'd type "authorize" you'd be able to see that it doesn't fit before you send your answer.

    But "allow" and "enable" have the same number of letters and are (in a font with proportional widths) of roughly the same length. So Lingvist probably gives some leeway in those cases.

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  • RE: Why did "allow" in this sentence counts as "enable"?

    One thread for this question is sufficient 😉 To prevent parallel discussions which tend to be quite annoying I've closed this thread. For any questions or remarks, please refer to the "sibling thread" linked above 🙂

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  • RE: Starred words disappeared

    The "starring" is a new feature that is currently tested by the product team. Until the team finds the best way to integrate the new feature into Lingvist (or comes to the conclusion that it isn't that helpful after all), the feature may change its exact form or disappear and reappear again.

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