@crush Thank you for your reply, and I'm glad you brought it up! As you can see, many, including myself and the Oxford English Dictionary, believe that the phrase "long time no see" is a "loan phrase", originated from pidgin English spoken by early Chinese American immigrants. Yet to answer whether it comes from Mandarin or Cantonese, we will have to look into the backgrounds of these two languages. Mandarin, though now widely spoken in both southern and northern China, is generally considered a northern dialect, whilst Cantonese is more of a southern dialect. Since both Mandarin and Cantonese can be traced back to centuries ago, and share some common linguistic features, it would be hard to pinpoint which language the phrase from. In fact, my personal favourite wiki lists both Mandarin and Cantonese! Having said all that, the podcast Code Switch of NPR offers another explanation that it could be from Native Americans. However, their conclusion is there's no clear evidence of its origin. Have you discovered other stories behind the phrase (or other phrases and expressions)? Share with us!