The 2016 Year End Challenge!

  • works@Lingvist

    Well done everyone who stuck to it and completed the challenge! I set a bit too ambitious goal for and quickly became demotivated when I couldn't complete it. I'll try a slightly lower bar next time:)

    If like me you failed this time around, check out @Jen's helpful post on habit building.

  • admins

    @Marco-Caramori You gave it a go, at least!

  • I ended up stopping after having to prepare for two trips and a music festival. I reached a little more than 500 cards. My goal was 1000.

  • Lingvist graduate

    I'm on mobile and cannot upload a screenshot, however I will share my results :}

    Dec 25: 170 (goal: 170)
    26: 24 (180)
    27: 200 (190)
    28: 286 (200)
    29: 250 (210)
    30: 250 (220)
    31: 260 (230)
    Total: 1440 (1400)

    Tried to make up for the second day throughout the challenge. Anyway, it's 11:42 PM here. Happy new year!

  • Day 10 report: 3x15min sessions each day

    alt text

    All-in-all it seems that there are ways to organize such a challenge better. Reporting in only twice means that most of the people manage to forget about it already by day 5. Also I am somewhat surprised none of the Lingvist team members, who decided to take part, didn't report in halfway through the challenge. I'd expect you to be the ones most interested in keeping the challenge alive and setting a good example to other participants.

    In your position I would think of creating something like a (semifrequent) week-long challenge for reaching daily 50 cards or smth (no big target, just to build microhabits of learning a language and doing it via Lingvist). People sign up, their progress gets tracked automatically and everybody can see on a challenge page what percentage of people are still in. In case you haven't done your cards for a certain time of a day you get a simple reminder e-mail as long as you are still in the competition, once you fail your target for a day, you are out of the challenge.

  • Almost pulled it off. I missed one day although I nearly made it up by doing double the next day. This challenge has been fun and I can feel my language skills improving. I plan to continue with this - made it one of my resolutions for the upcoming year to get in here every day 🙂 Everyone here is doing so awesome... and it's motivating me to try to rearrange my schedule so I can do more cards per day. Happy New Year everybody!

  • I have achieved my goal for these 2 weeks 😄

    This challenge has been a big motivation. Please keep such activities coming for the wonderful community of language learners 🙂

    Bonne Annee

  • I'm less than an hour away from midnight here in Korea, so I'll post my results now.

    I was able to maintain 200 for the last five days. I did 1085 cards in the first five days and 1123 in the second five days for a total of 2208, so I passed my goal!
    I also more than doubled the amount of time I've spent studying Russian on Lingvist.

    Most importantly, I realized that taking one hour out of my day to study is not as hard as I thought it would be, even around the holidays. This gives me motivation to continue studying throughout 2017. Happy New Year everybody!


  • works@Lingvist

    @Alexander-Swidersky I wish I had that problem 😉

  • @Alexander-Swidersky 1844 cards done (target was 1500)
    0_1483013074234_Untitled picture2.png

    ps. Some issues with rendering graph, so my peaks somewhere above the line 🙂

  • @Alexander-Swidersky 1047 cards done till end of 26.12 (bit above target of 750), looking forward optimistically to make it.

  • admins

    @Frank That's a fantastic attitude. Consistency is key...

  • Learning English from Russian, committing for 100 cards/day.

  • Unfortunately, I didn't make it... I was short each day by a few cards but I'm at least consistently showing up to do this! I won't give up. Hoping everyone is having a happy holiday so far!

  • 0_1482719337016_Screenshot_2016-12-26-23-59-57.jpg

    So I missed the 200 mark on the 24th... but it was still enough to surpass my 5-day goal.

  • works@Lingvist

    Also checking in on day 5. Did an average of 100 cards / day and loving it. Planning my next vacay to España!

  • My goal was 60 cars a day. I actually managed to do more each day 😄
    Here are my stats for the first 5 days (starting 21st)

    Aiming for even more in the next 5 days to come

  • Day 5 report: as I mentioned in the pre-challenge post I'm paying attention to time instead of number of cards. First 5 days I have managed to have 3x15-minute session each day (46+46+45+45+45 minutes in total).

  • Reporting for day 5: Reached around 500 cards. I am exausted 😐

  • Lingvist graduate

    I'll be working on my French (from English). I haven't been on for a couple of days, stats are at 0. I'll start at 170 and try to raise the number each day by 10. So by the end of tomorrow (Dec 26) it's going to be 350 cards and by Dec 31 1400 cards in total. I'll try to beast through this challenge haha.

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