The 2016 Year End Challenge!

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    So I missed the 200 mark on the 24th... but it was still enough to surpass my 5-day goal.

  • works@Lingvist

    Also checking in on day 5. Did an average of 100 cards / day and loving it. Planning my next vacay to España!

  • My goal was 60 cars a day. I actually managed to do more each day 😄
    Here are my stats for the first 5 days (starting 21st)

    Aiming for even more in the next 5 days to come

  • Day 5 report: as I mentioned in the pre-challenge post I'm paying attention to time instead of number of cards. First 5 days I have managed to have 3x15-minute session each day (46+46+45+45+45 minutes in total).

  • Reporting for day 5: Reached around 500 cards. I am exausted 😐

  • Lingvist graduate

    I'll be working on my French (from English). I haven't been on for a couple of days, stats are at 0. I'll start at 170 and try to raise the number each day by 10. So by the end of tomorrow (Dec 26) it's going to be 350 cards and by Dec 31 1400 cards in total. I'll try to beast through this challenge haha.

  • @Alexander-Swidersky 493 for three days, keep going to defined target.

  • To keep others company I'll be doing spanish from english daily. I had done 150 cards a day for quite a while but last couple of weeks I've taken a bit different approach learning 15 minutes at once and not focusing on the number of cards all that much. I'll be doing 2-3 of these 15 minute stretches each day and see how it goes. Good luck to everyone.

  • I'm learning french from english and I'm new here (not new to french). My stats are about 200 cards a day. I want to either keep that up or increase to 250 a day. I really love this website and I wish Portuguese was on here. But maybe I could start learning Spanish next year? I'm fluent in Russian ( half russian) and told my Mum who teaches Russian about this site so she can share with her students 😄

  • Hope it's not too late, I'll join. Doing French from English, and I'll start with 150 cards a day and add 15 more every day, so that by day 10 I'll have done a total of 2175 cards.
    Good luck to everyone participating!

  • I'm signing up for 30 only because 25 was my original goal and even that has been hard to hit especially around the holidays plus I'm splitting time between this and another method. If I can stick with it until the end of the year, for me that would be amazing. Learning Spanish from English.

  • Learning English from Russian, committing for 150 cards/day, so it would be + 750 till Day 5 and +1500 till day 10.

  • admins

    @Ave ooh nice hack. good pronunciation practice as well!

  • OK I'm in since my avg cards is currently zero, I'll go for infinite improvement: 50/day, learning Spanish from English. 🙂

  • works@Lingvist

    @Jen aha, that's quite a clever workaround. I'm learning on my phone though, with the proper Russian keyboard being the only input option. I just tested out the built in speech recognition on iOS, that speeds up entry quite a bit too 😉

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    I don't know if you tried this, and I might be slow to cop onto something that's really obvious to everyone else 😝 , but it really cut down on my typos and helped my response time in the webapp — I spent less time hunting around and trying to remember the keys. I set my Russian keyboard to phonetic, then practice on the webapp with the Lingvist keyboard in my view so if my phonetic keyboard memory isn't that great, it likely helps by sneaking a peek at the Lingvist keyboard to help me orientate myself.


  • works@Lingvist

    I'm in too, learning Russian from English! I've been doing 40 cards a day on average the past two weeks (typing cyrillic takes time!), but I'll try double it to 80 a day.

  • Hi, I'm learning Russian from English.
    My average this week has been higher than normal, with most days over 100 cards studied and a peak of over 200.
    For this year-end challenge, I'll go for a steady 200 cards a day, so 1000 on day 5 and 2000 on day 10.
    I'm also studying Korean quite intensively, so this will be quite a fun challenge.

  • admins

    @Maher It's not bad or good, it just is! The most important thing is that you've set a goal that you can achieve and feel good about! You can do it!

  • Hi,

    I am learning French from English. My stats for this week are really bad with a top of 27 cards! My target is 60 cards per day for the next 10 days.

    This game is a great motivation!

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