Language learning tips!

  • So today I want to share I bit of my knowledge of taking notes and other effective ways of learning your target language and continuing to remember it.

    So my first tip is to take notes while you do your lessons. Write down your incorrect responses, write the correct response underneath it and then find the reason of why you got it wrong.

    My second tip is to not listen to music while you work!! You will not be able to hear the speaker and listen to your target language. It will mess you up and it won't really help you focus.

    Be resourceful! I cannot say this enough, but read and take notes on Grammar I do that and it helps so much! You will get many more of the answers right.

    Ask questions. Got a question and you don't quite understand what you did? Post a topic and hopefully someone will answer with something to help you.

    Study with someone. Don't sit there and study alone! Get a friend to join. They don't have to be doing the language that you are doing, and they don't even have to use Lingvist. It's just nice to share your frustrations or your successes with someone.

    Well that finishes up my language learning tips. I hope you learned something that might help you in the long run. And if anyone has more tips (or more experience) please comment! Dankeschön und und noch einen schönen Tag! (I might've gotten that wrong)

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