What does Lingvist Unlimited really offer??

  • I am struggling with the rates that Lingvist is requesting for the Unlimited category. I have reached the 4000 word level in Spanish, and really wonder why I should pay over $20 per month for another 1000 words. Without an opportunity to really give the unlimited version a trial, I can't see how I could make a decision regarding its value..... At the moment it looks like a few challenges are the only difference between the free and the unlimited.... hardly worth that much per month...

  • @duncan-0 said in What does Lingvist Unlimited really offer??:

    I do need to add that I found the Free course to be a big help in my vocabulary and pronunciation development.

    I personally found that the Spanish crystal clear audio on Lingvist is so much better than DuoLingo Spanish TTS or "Google translate" Spanish TTS.

    I quickly tested out Spanish to level 9 on Duoglingo on the Android app after learning Portuguese more than one year and I tried (failed) twice on the web portal before (but typing and listening exercise challenges are much more difficult without any hints and word bricks)....all before my Lingvist Spanish challenge.

    If you want to learn Catalan for FREE you can do so on Glossika: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26604743

  • Thanks Thomas and Kaspar. I will try the links that you have suggested. For now, I will continue to use the Lingvist Free as a review tool, and perhaps make more progress on another site. After "completing" the Lingvist Free course, I don't think that at the moment the Lingvist Unlimited course warrants the financial investment expected.
    I do need to add that I found the Free course to be a big help in my vocabulary and pronunciation development. Thanks Lingvist.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hey Duncan,

    I checked your account and it seems you missed the trial version which happened early January. I can totally understand your confusion around the Lingvist Unlimited package.

    The differences between the free and the paid version are described here.

    @Thomas-Heiss is correct, there are a bit less than 4000 words in the Spanish course right now. I would not recommend you paying for Lingvist Unlimited as you are coming really close to completing the full Spanish course, unless you would like to dive deep into challenges, or are interested in studying a new language.

  • French course has ~5000 words (a little bit over).

    You have already reached the current max of Spanish with ~3800 words. There have been announcement threads about "Spanish vocabulary extension" from last year.

    Even if you pay for Unlimited, you can not squeeze out another 1000 at this time AFAIU!

    Please check the related forum threads (yes, not easy to navigate through with all those data almost hidden).

    Why don't you use Memrise Spanish top up #1-9 to "First 5000 words"?
    Here are my added course links: https://www.memrise.com/user/Thomas.Heiss/courses/learning/

    Or try the free www.languagecourse.net vocabulary trainer VT for A1-C1 and many more available themes.
    They write it has almost 10.000 words (without sentences in A1-B2).

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