Hints for Вы vs Ты and Ходить vs Ездить

  • First off, thanks so much for putting together the English-Russian course. I love how it makes me thoroughly practice all the cases and aspects of all the words. I love Lingvist compared to other language learning apps because it is straightforward, has a pretty interface, and provides good background information about each word.

    The one request that I would make is that there would be some indication whether a sentence was seeking the informal vs formal You pronouns. Similarly, some indication if a sentence was seeking the "go by foot" vs "go by transport" verbs of motion. These changes may minimize frustration.

    Thanks for creating such a great learning experience!

  • I've seen the changes - they're very effective. Thanks for being so responsive!

    Also, I wanted to comment on how great it is that all the past tense "I" verb conjugations accept a female answer - very thoughtful.

  • Hi there @domestictigers

    We are very glad that you like our English-Russian course! Thanks for the positive feedback 🙂

    Regarding the issues you raised - we are currently looking into possibilities of showing this information on the card. Hopefully there will be updates in coming month, but I can't promise anything.

    Happy learning!

  • Lingvist graduate

    picture Here's a picture of one such sentence. I keep writing the pronoun in singular because there's just no hint. Both should be accepted or there needs to be a more detailed hint.

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