Great Collection of Bilingual Books

Here is a collection of books and their translations:

I'm currently using the site for French, but there are 13 languages that are translated between (Swedish, Portuguese, English, Finnish, Hungarian, German, Dutch, French, Greek, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Italian). The interface is nice, allowing either split-screen mode or clicking to translate entire paragraphs, and phrases can be clicked to be read aloud.

It is SO great, thanks a lot !

Thanks this is awesome, you guys can also try out,

Readlang is great (especially for advanced learners) because you can add your own texts and save words to vocab lists.

Bilinguis has a few options in many languages, but I think it only works online.

Farkas has a few books as well, for download.

I've been looking at a few apps (mainly for Russian) and the best ones I've found are:

@Gabriel-Vidaurre Thanks for the tips. The second android app there 'Parallel Text Reader' seems to work reasonably, and has some useful texts for Russian. I have found it hard to get a start with Russian books, but hopefully children's material like Enid Blyton might offer a away in.

@maksim I've also just found this other app with a lot of (simple) short stories. It looks like it even has audio recorded by a native speaker. However, I haven't been able to find an option to translate individual words in the text.

You guys should also check out Interlinear translations (some of which I have contributed to making) - a really easy way to understand foreign literature:

@lyzazel That's looks great, I really enjoyed the sample story by Tolstoy. I'm tempted to get The Death of Ivan Ilyich, although $15 would be the most I've ever paid for an ebook.

I found entertaining reading and playing with some Spanish/English bilingual e-books with good add-on functions:
Maltido gato by Gema Martínez
Un suceso en el puente de Owl Creek by Ambrose Bierce

I had a look at the site... It is awesome Thank you !

Is there one book per language there or am I just not finding the rest?

My 7 year old kids are using this resource . I also found it useful when I decided to learn Spanish. It is worth checking it out

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