Allow to skip words I don't want to review

  • I have used this site for more than 28 hours. Here is my feeling.

    • It is great!
      I haven't found a better place so simple to use, clean, great theme, less temptation.
    • I have to review too many words before learning new ones.
      It is true. In fact, I don't have to remember everything old to learn one word new.
      When I am back hours later, I still have to review them! All!
      It is better to allow some words I cannot remember, because I don't need them currently.
      Some are simple to remember, some are hard. Why can't I skip them?

    In all, it is great. I hope it can be improved. Merci beaucoup!

  • That is only really annoying and demotivating trouble here - if I am already speaking language - it means I have some kind of vocabulary - right? If there are words, which I have known at least for 10 last years, I truly believe there is no danger to forget them suddenly now. So it should be possible to skip these very common words we use in daily communications. I understand that this is "·$%! task for programmers, but believe me, it would make a lot of customers happy to pay for the better environment! Other than that - keep developing - it is one of the best sites out of hundreds I have combed through during last 5 years - it is difficult, if not impossible, to beat and it makes to wish to be part of this developing team:)

  • Bump. I also like this idea, particularly because I encounter some words I simply can't be bothered to learn. I'd much rather have solid basics than try to learn words I won't ever have to use, at least at this stage of learning.

    So what do y'all think?

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