I think Lingvist's sentences overall are well chosen but I don't have a personal connection to them. I would really like to use the Lingvist quizzing system for my own practice sentences which are based on real conversations I have had. What does the team think about providing such a possibility?

I think you wouldn't have to build much of an interface for it. User sentences could be imported from an Excel sheet on Dropbox following a specific format.

What don't you use AnkiSRS?


We don't envisage such a feature in the future whilst staying committed to offering more personalization. You can read more about it from this thread.

@thomas-heiss said in Using our own sentences:

What don't you use AnkiSRS?

Sorry, can't delete / edit my above posting anymore.

Of course I wanted to write: Why don't you try out AnkiSRS?

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