Add an opportunity to remove a course

I added the wrong course and now I can't remove it. How do I do it?


Here's how you can archive courses

It is only available on the web app, but your native mobile apps will display an updated list of courses in a short while after you remove courses on the web app. Here's how you do it:

How to archive a course

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@Ezekiel-Street, let us know which course you'd like to have removed, we'll do it for you.

I would also like to remove English to French if possible. Thank you.

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@Ezekiel-Street, @nheil we will take care of it.

Hi! I would like to remove English to Spanish. Thanks @administrators

French from Russian, please.

@Marina-Shutova I would like to remove ESTONIAN to French, please.

Please remove French from English

Hello, I accidentally added a second language and I would like to remove it. If it is possible to do so please remove English from Japanese from my account, Thanks!

I added French could someone remove it please

I would also like to remove English to French from my account if possible. Thank you.

All courses mentioned in this thread have been removed. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience, everyone!

Please remove EN-> ES. Thank you!

Please remove ET>EN. Thank you.

Dear Lingvist,

Could you please remove English to French (EN > FR)

thank you very much

@Marina-Shutova Can you please remove "Russian for English speakers" from my courses list? I am not currently interested in learning it and accidentally added it without meaning to! Thanks.

Hey @gmackenz, @Timothy-Magsino, @zapprich, @joshua-tellvik, @breakingbabel - your requests have been taken care of :) Refresh your Account page and let me know if something seems amiss!

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Please, remove russian to english and english go russian

Hi, please remove remove English for Russian speakers from my account.

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