Numbering of Spanish clitics

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    I recently encountered a card asking for a verb-clitic combination. Here it is:0_1527502394487_Screenshot from 2018-05-28 12-04-43.png
    The required clitic is described as Clitic 1. I've read some information about Spanish clitics on the web, but it is not clear to me how the clitics are numbered. Can someone explain this to me? Thanks.

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    ¡ Hola @paul-0!

    As a verb can have up to 2 clitics, we only specify the order (1/2) instead of their syntactic nature (direct/indirect object).

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  • I think I now understand what the source of my confusion was. The grammatical classification of hacerlo mentions Clitic 1 not because lo is a clitic of some kind of "first category" but because hacerlo contains only one clitic while a verb may have potentially two clitics attached.
    Is that correct?

  • works@Lingvist


    All the info you need on the use of clitics can be found on our in-app Grammar Hints section, more specifically, on the tip "Personal Pronouns: Object (II)".

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