I finished the course. When will I see old words?

  • I passed all words of the french course. Today some new words appear. But when practicing the programm repeats only these new words, all older ones are forgotten. How to fix it? Thanks.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi Nikita,

    This is not a malfunction, so I'll move your question to the "Questions" category. You've been learning with Lingvist for 129 days and to-date you have seen all the words, available in the course. Your review queue counter at the moment is 1 (you only have 1 word worth reviewing).

    Our app runs on the spaced repetition formula, which means that you only see the words that you need to repeat at the given moment. In your case, your learning speed and performance is literally ahead of your learning curve (right now).

    Here's what to do:
    Take longer breaks between learning sessions, which will allow for the repeat stack to accumulate. For example, if you spend your learning time elsewhere until June 11th (not doing cards on the app), you will come back to 120+ words to review. And on June 12th you will already have around 200 words to review.

    As I see, you have incomplete challenges, so you could diversify your learning by doing those while waiting for the repeat stack to fill up. I can also see that there is a wave of repeats coming up ahead of you, so you can be certain that all the words you have ever seen in the course are coming back.

    Do join our Graduates group and look through the resources published for French to find alternative ways of practising for the few days ahead.

    Most importantly, well-done for completing the course!!


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