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    Hey guys,

    We've put together a newer (and fuller) collection of our FAQ's, which are now hosted here. In the new Lingvist Knowledge Base you will be able to find questions about:

    • How to Get Started
    • Account Settings
    • Repetition & Stats
    • Motivation & Productivity
    • Ideas for the Future
    • Bugs

    As well as information about Lingvist Unlimited:

    • What is Unlimited
    • How to buy Unlimited
    • Are there discounts available?

  • @jonn Dynamic goals would make the experience so much better. Though if you are going to take slower action, of the three goals, new word number is I suspect the one most would like control over. You could leave the card number and percent correct alone, then allow users to set their daily goal.

    Or an easier kludge would be just give users the option to stop new words for a given section and do as many of their old stack as possible. Do that, and see how users utilize it and you will have some actionable data to decide what to do when you finally let users control their own goals. Make it so that it automatically returns to adding new words after an hour, and users would have to click it again to continue. That way you would still be defaulting to adding new vocabulary.

    That was what made DuoLingo a great program for me - I could do as much as I wanted of practice and I would only advance when I felt comfortable. For the smallish vocabulary that I got from Duo, I know that on a more "comprehending" level. That is, instead of El alcalde -> The mayor -> Concept of what a mayor is, it goes directly from El alcalde -> Concept of what a mayor is. It would also let users practice when they are not tip-top intellectually. If I have been at work and used Spanish moderately-extensively, I have noticed that if I practice right before bed that day, I cement words in my brain better. However if I already did 50 cards and ran up against the limit of having to add new vocabulary in order to practice then I don't because it's just too intellectually taxing after a 10 hour shift in the ER.


  • works@Lingvist

    Hi Nick!

    Thanks for your comments, very insightful! We generally feel that dynamic goals would be a great addition to Lingvist, and having that functionality is 100% a part of our long-term goals.

    Whilst the technical aspects may not seem particularly difficult (It would not be within my remit to say TBH), there are quite a few other tricky challenges involved in developing this feature. In terms of product and experience design, structuring the goals and the related user journey to be both optimal for learning and easy to understand does merit substantial work from our end.

    Hopefully, that gives you some further insight into the situation ๐Ÿ˜Š. We have some great ideas we're eager to test out at some point soon. However, I would be fibbing if I said that these projects are a top priority at the moment.

    If you would like to express more of your ideas about dynamic goals (or anything else), please feel free to do so here or by contacting me directly. I would be very happy to hear them!

  • Was excited to see the question "How can I change my daily goals?" but then the answer is still "Currently, you can't select individual learning goals. The three milestones listed on the dashboard are the default benchmarks designed to keep you on track (presuming you are learning continuously). If the targets feel too high or too low, keep your own pace and spend with us the time and effort youโ€™re happy to give."

    I would spend twice or more as much time using Lingvist daily if it didn't mean that I had to learn an excessive number of new words daily. For older users or those with learning differences 20 words (or more!) daily is too much. So I find I usually have to stop using the program at 50-60 cards daily to avoid this.

    It would be such a more useful program for everyone - not just people who learn in an average way. Those who want to push themselves can select 20, those who want less can select less. It would be a trivial coding problem, yet because Lingvist is focused only on average learners, the refuse to do so. Though I'd bet you guys know that because you needed to include it in your FAQ since it's obviously a FREQUENTLY asked request. Were you a company that was actually focused on your customers you would listen to that.

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