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    Hey there,

    If you've found what looks to be a bug and you would like to report it, here's an article explaining how you can do it helpfully.

    What happens if I write it in a free form?

    The most challenging thing about bugs is understanding if what seems to be a bug is indeed a bug or a strangely behaving feature. Because every learner's experience is unique, it could happen that a mix of variables produces an effect that appears to be a bug, but is actually an oddly-looking 'expected behaviour'. If you report it briefly and don't provide details, which our engineers are in need of, there won't be a chance for us to reproduce it and we won't be able to act on it.

    The article listed above ☝️ explains the necessary details we'd like you to include. The rule of thumb is:

    Describe it to us as if you were giving us instructions how to reproduce it.

    (We wish, but) we can do little with reports as "audio doesn't work". Remember, you are the only one who knows which language you were learning, which device you were using, and if your volume button was switched on at the moment of the malfunction.

    We appreciate every detailed bug report you send our way 🖖

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