the inacuracy of the placement test makes the app unusable :/

  • hi,
    I just tried Lingvist because I read stellar reviews here and there and my goal was to refresh my russian. the first time I took the placement test, my score was dismal. Lingvist was telling me I knew about 50 words in Russian already. my actual level in Russian is probably around B2, C1 so even though I made two spelling mistakes, I knew all the words I was tested on. I tried again with more concentration and you estimated me at 200 words. the only things I did wrong were sometimes the word I chose was correct but not yours. "tetka" instead of "teta" or "ryadom" instead of "blizko", "privet" instead of "zdravstvuy". the other thing was one spelling mistake, only one.
    I'm pretty sure I know a few thousands of words already. I built my own list a long time ago and it has around 5000 words, most of them I still remember.
    I tried understanding what the problem was and I tested my french too. I'm native in french and you estimated me at 2000 words. the reason was the same again, one spelling mistake because I typed too fast and two or three words different from the ones chosen by you (in one instance, I think my word was more appropriate than yours "renvoyer" instead of "virer" -to fire, to sack). I guess you're extremely hard on spelling mistakes and you still have to make progress with alternative answers.

    anyway as you can understand, I don't feel like going through a ton of (extremely basic) vocabulary I already know before finally being able to learn words. do you have any suggestion ? can I choose my own level of learning or my own list ?

    I'm sure the app is great for a beginner but I have the feeling it's unusable for advanced learners. but I may have missed something. can you help me with that ?

    thanks a lot for reading me 🙂

  • @possopo It isn't always good for beginners either. I started as a beginner and didn't take the test, although I have studied German before but it was a very long time ago. I find the amount of new vocabulary thrown at me every session quite demoralising. After a while I am passing on almost every question because I simply cannot remember all the new words. There should be some way to call a halt to the new vocabulary when you need to.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi there,

    Sorry for the bad experience you've had. The placement test can be quite harsh at times leads to frustration. However we're looking at ways to improve this (especially by taking into account words with a similar meaning) and your feedback is definitely valuable to us. In this case the best way would be to get through these initial easy words - if you get them correct on first appearance, they won't appear again for months. Alternatively you could create a new account and try the placement test once more but this obviously isn't an ideal solution.

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