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    I've noticed in the forums that topics will display as having "1 Posts", "1 Votes" etc. I am using Firefox on Windows 7. See attached screenshot.


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    @marina While you're speaking with them, maybe you could add a little thing that caught my eye some time ago: In English, "vote" can refer to the individual vote that one of multiple options can get ("Option B received five votes"). But "vote" can also refer to the whole voting ("Let's have a vote on that"). In German, there are two seperate terms, "Stimme" and "Abstimmung", respectively.

    The German localization doesn't seem to take that into account. Therefor, in a poll you'd read that e. g. option B received "5 Abstimmungen" instead of "5 Stimmen". I'm not sure whether the structure of NodeBB's language files can accomodate for this German idiosyncracy, but maybe the devs can have a look at it.

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    Thanks for spotting. We'll communicate to NodeBB, our forum partners.

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