No use of paid version!!!!

  • I dont think there is much use of the paid version, the speaking doesnt work , the stupid annoying robot always shows up there, all the material can be taken from any free website and there isnt much to practice on the platform except for the regular words which is anyways free.

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    Hey, I resent that! I'm a developer myself (not at Lingvist, though), and I'd like to make clear that @Kaspar is not my son! ­čśť

    Seriously, though, as Kaspar already said, the LingVist devs are always up for suggestions how to make the service better.

  • How did you...? Stop stalking me you son of a developer.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi @kshitij-singh,

    I can see that you have finished some speaking challenges so I'm happy you have managed to make it work for you. I addressed the French voice-input case briefly in this post.

    A few days ago you learned 83 new words in one day, without Lingvist Unlimited it wouldn't have been possible. You also did 39 challenges in one day (good job!), with the free version of the app it would take you 39 days. Doing cards in the "A weekend in Paris" Course Focus is also an Unlimited feature. I hope you find these features handy!

    Here's the full list of benefits of Lingvist Unlimited.

    Let us know how we can make learning better for you.

    All the best.

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