I can no longer view my vocabulary list

  • Hi,

    Lingvist used to have this feature which allowed me to view a list of learned words together with the sentences in which they appeared. I could access it by opening the right side panel (the "progress" bar), clicking on the Vocabulary tab and then on the View button. Here is a screenshot:
    0_1530371863545_Screenshot from 2018-06-30 17-04-01.png

    Some time ago this feature stopped working. I can't exactly remember when, probably about 2 weeks ago. At first I ignored it, hoping it was just a temporary glitch, but now I really miss having access to my vocabulary list.

    Not only does nothing appear when I click the View button, it also has the effect that other buttons stop working. For instance, after clicking the View button I can no longer open the left side panel. Reloading the page in my browser usually solves this last problem, but not the missing vocabulary list.

    I am using the web version of Lingvist on a laptop running Linux Mint 18.3 and the Chromium 66 browser. I have also tried Firefox 60, with the same result. I am learning Spanish (from English).

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi @Paul-0,

    Thank you for sending us extra details. We have received your email and we'll have a look at it.

  • I have managed to capture some data from the webconsole while reproducing this bug, but it's too messy to paste into this message and my attempts to add the log files as attachments to this message have failed. Therefore I have sent an email containing the log files to bug@lingvist.io

    During my repeated attempts to reproduce the bug and capturing the console output the vocabulary list did in fact once appear in Chromium, but the list looked buggy: each entry was listed thrice and the "sort" button did not work. But this happened only once: in all my other attempts nothing appeared after clicking the View button.

  • Moderator

    @Paul-0 Thank you for the report, especially for the technical details. I tried to reproduce the problem, but the feature works for me on an at least similar setup (Ubuntu Linux 16.04.4, Firefox 60 as well as Chromium 66, courses DE -> EN and EN -> FR). Do you get any error message? If you're comfortable with even more technical details, maybe there's an error message in the web console that could get Lingvist's tech experts on the right track to fix the problem.

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