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    When using Lingvist on your computer, have you noticed the 5 dots in the upper-left-corner? These indicate how well are you with memorizing the word. You can see more info about the details if you click on the dots.

    • If you know the word very well, 5 dots will be light green.
    • When you'll see 4 dark blue dots, it means you're about to memorize this word.
    • 3 light blue dots show that you are on the way to learning this word.
    • If you still have to practice the card, then you'll see 2 very light gray dots.
    • When Lingvist offers you this word for the very first time, you will see an orange dot. 0_1530695143406_lingvist 5 dots.png

    We hope it helps to make you understand more how familiar you are with each card.

    Happy learning!

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