French counting card error

  • Hello, since yesterday on the French website when I fill in a word and press enter or press enter and move on to the next card, the number of 'words to practice' stays at 99. I have '00' out of 100 cards completed. '0 sec of active study time', '0 new words learnt' (yesterday when I got new word cards, it also stayed as 0 new words), and my best streak today is '0'.

    I've done multiple cards already and this doesn't seem to change.

    I also did 1 challenge today, but the badge icon is still blank (as though I did not complete it).

    I use Lingvist on Safari and usually disable audio, if that helps.

  • @dev_temp The mobile app allowed me to start from zero. Right now, I tried Lingvist on a private tab and it allowed me to continue with the progress I made in the mobile app. I also checked Lingvist on a regular tab and it did the same thing. So I guess the problem is resolved. Thank you

  • @royce-cubas it's unclear from your answer if you are able to see your expected progress in the mobile app or it just allows you to start from 0. Also, I would still suggest you to try with another browser or in private mode in Safari.

  • @dev_temp Sorry, to clarify, yesterday I did many cards and they were recorded. After a certain number, the counter stopped changing as I completed cards. My new words learned number did not change from 12, even though I did more than that. Only today the numbers stayed at 0.

    I checked with the Lingvist iOS app, and the counter works on it.

  • @Royce-Cubas is that the only device that you use to practice, i.e. do you happen to switch between the phone or other computer and your Mac during the day? Can you see the stats from yesterday or there are only zeroes for both days? Can you check if the problem persist in the private mode or in a different browser?

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