Félicitations à la France 🇫🇷 🇭🇷

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    Many of us have been following the World Cup and rooting for France yesterday (including our French linguist @Kärt), félicitations à la France! 🇫🇷
    (Photo courtesy of Telegraph)

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    Some of us have been seriously rooting for Croatia. For example, @Marina🇪🇪 and @Jonn were very much impressed with their courage and energy during the match:

    As some of you may already know, our German linguist @lisa-lingvist is such a big fan she even created a "Talking Football” Course Focus for the EN>DE learners. Alas, her team didn’t get far this time, but we look forward to seeing them play in Qatar. ⚽

    Anybody who participated in our football league, raise your hands now ✋ 👇

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    @kaspar I'm French and I didn't do anything for this victory, I didn't play indeed. But I was rooting for Croatia, because in the room where we watched the match, the atmosphere wouldn't have been equilibrated otherwise. And from my poor understanding of football skills involved, I felt Croates played well!

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    Nearly forgot one more team who left the field in grief, after losing to the Russians 3-4, after penalties.

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    Yeah, I was impressed by Croatia too, in this time they were realy cool guys✊

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