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  • Hi,
    I started the German course recently, and I think it's pretty good, but I have a few suggestions that I would like to mention, (It's just what I think! 🙂

    1. Having levels or points would be motivating, like when one has reached a certain amount of words then there is a level. This sort of thing would make me use langvist everyday!

    2. Rather than just learning a list of words, I would enjoy some other activities to be added, so that it makes me want to go on and on, learning the language. for example: like once I reach a certain amount of words then I could start working on comprehensions( both writing and listening), like mcq's!

    3. Competitions would be fun to have! Like competitions on writing on a particular topic, like all members could be grouped and separated according to levels (level of language literacy) and according to the levels, members could choose the appropriate competition!,
      and also maybe then higher level members could vote for each submission!

    Thanks, btw I do like the statistic where the percentage of words known in any text is mentioned.

    Naveen from Sri Lanka

  • works@Lingvist

    @romingaul11 Thanks for your input and glad to hear that you like Lingvist's simplistic design. Could you perhaps elaborate on what other stats, info, numbers, etc. you would like to see in dashboard? We are always trying to improve and specifics will help with that :).

  • works@Lingvist
    Hi Cristina,

    first of all, “aus Portugal” is exactly right. Good job :).

    All German sentences should have English translations. Perhaps it was confusing how to bring up translations? Here are instructions how to make translations visible, just in case:
    If you are on a mobile device,

    • for iOS: * Pull down to see the translation of the entire sentence. There’s a toggle next to the sentence. Click on the toggle to keep the translations visible at all times.
    • for Android: * Hide the keyboard to see the translation of the entire sentence. There’s a toggle next to the sentence. Click on the toggle to keep the translations visible at all times.
      And for the web app on a PC: * Press the Up arrow key to show/hide the sentence translation. There’s a toggle next to the sentence. Click on the toggle to keep the translations visible at all times.
      If you need any more help, don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂
      Viele Grüße nach Portugal!

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi Naveen,

    sorry for the late response. Thanks for writing and such great suggestions. Not sure if you have noticed yet, but regarding your first point – we have actually introduced motivational points, called milestones. They went live a few weeks ago. We are definitely working on other activities and have a lot in the ‘idea drawer’ … turning ideas into full activities that tie into courses, are well structured and beneficial to the users, takes time, however.
    We just had a year-end competition on the forum and I believe another competition is coming up really soon – so stay tuned here as well.
    I hope you are enjoying the German course thus far. Will be looking forward to updates once in a while ;).
    All the best!

  • I agree, that we all will benefit if linguist would have more options to train different language skills. As far as I know, listening and reading were there before (at least for other languages) and should come back in near future (can't wait to try them with German). Also, I would mind to have some visual aid for words we learning. But, I guess, the developers just trying to balance the time and effort and bring us the best they can and as quick as they can.

    Also, I just want to answer message and to point out that translations do currently exist, but they way of getting them was just not that obvious for me too.

  • Hi,
    I would like to say, that these activities that I have mentioned are not on Duolingo or memrise, but these are the activities that I think would help me in learn the language, I believe that simply studying a set of random words will not do much in learning a language, specially the listening and speaking skills.
    But I can tell one thing for sure, Duolingo and memrise is much influential than the current method lingvist is using.

  • Honestly, this is my opinion, I've used many other apps like memrise and duolingo which have systems like how you mentioned, and they never really got me hooked, however strangely enough it's lingvist with its simple method of learning that for whatever reason has kept me interested in it. However one suggestion I do have, is if at all possible make the statistics part of the app more comprehensive, not that it isn't already awesome, but if you could make it more awesome, that would be, well, awesome!

  • Hi,

    Agreeing with all that Naveen said, I also would like to suggest, subtitle with translation for the sentences. Some words still unknown for me, I think the translation will help to understand better.

    Thank y in advance

    Best Regards

    Cristina from Portugal (Aus Portugal?) 🙂

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