Meet Ryan,

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    Meet Ryan,

    He’s an extraordinary guy. When we learned about Ryan’s story, we invited him to come over to our Tallinn office, to get to know him.

    Ryan used Lingvist to teach himself German, after falling in love with a German exchange student in the US. Determined to reunite with her in Germany, Ryan decided to enroll himself into a German University program. But until this could happen, he had to figure out how to get himself trained in Deutsch from A2 to C1 in 13 months. He’s going to start his studies in Marburg in October. And for the next week, he’s hanging out with us.

  • Hey everyone!

    In case anyone is interested in a more detailed story of how I learned (and am still learning) German, follow this link.

    Other Lingvist team members and I are collaborating right now to start a one-week German challenge, so keep an eye out for that as well!

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