Any future plans?

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    First of all, I really love your app and your concept and I highly recommend Lingvist to anyone who starts learning a new language.

    Are there any future plans for the russian course or Lingvist in general? I'm a Lingvist unlimited user from the very beginning and I already finished the russian course some months ago. For now I'm reviewing the cards now and then. But I think by the point I will have to renew my yearly subscription, Lingvist won't be that useful to me any longer and I'm afraid, that I have to cancel my subscription and look out for other resources.

    Kind regards


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    Здравствуйте, благодарим за столь высокую оценку нашего приложения, мы стараемся сделать его максимально полным и удобным. Скажите пожалуйста, когда вы говорили про русский курс, вы имели ввиду изучение русского языка или других языков на базе русского?

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