Keep getting the same cards.

  • I have just restarted French after a break. Before then I completed the available cards. I am now just getting the same handful of cards over and over again. What I was wanting to do was review all of the cards as I am sure I have forgotten lots of them. I am showing 4297 in my repeat stack.

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    I am experiencing this issue as well, namely after finishing the German course. I am repeatedly given 10 or so words, with a random new word thrown in every once in a while. The counter for words I have left to practice jumps around wildly.

    I hope this can be fixed because I don't want to forget these words. This app is otherwise amazing.

  • Disclaimer: I’m not part of the Lingvist Team, and I’m not writing on its behalf.

    By this time I presume that the Lingvist Team know about the problem, and they are trying to solve it. Probably they don’t have a solution at the moment, and they don’t want to write back on any thread because that will generate a long discussion with questions to the Team. Maybe they prefer to work quietly without interruptions till the time they can come up with a solution.

    To be fair the app has been working flawlessly for months and it is free. My only concern here is regarding the people who have been discouraged by this problem and the absence of a response from the Team behind Lingvist. So I really hope that this bug is affecting very few accounts.

    In my case I encountered the bug on December 6, and since that day the counter of words to practice stays in a loop between 35 and 38 words, as a consequence I’m repeating the same words over and over again.

    Personally I think there are two possible temporary patches:

    • Reset the stack of words to practice or,
    • Reset the account manually and start learning from scratch.

  • Возможно Ваше предположение и верно. Но я не использую Android. Я использую систему Windos 10. Я зарегистрировалась заново и под новым именем все нормально. Значит проблема именно с моим аккаунтом?

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    @raul-liive Hi Raul. I see this problem of repeating cards are re-appearing in multiple posts in the forum. I think I haven't seen a reply from Lingvist's team regarding this issue. Is anybody looking into this? thanks 🙂

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    @denis-fedotenko I don't know if there's a bug in Android's version, but this problem of being stuck in the same few cards doesn't seem to be platform specific.

  • I think Android version, released on 04.12.2017 introduced a bug with repeat stack. Today, I logged in to and it showed that I need to repeat 102 words (which is reasonable). Afer that, I started my mobile application and it showed 284 words to repeat. (Which is not reasonable). And after that, I logged in, again, to the web version and it showed 284 words to repeat. (I guess, mobile version uploaded incorrect repeat stack to the web). So I suppose that Android version works incorrectly with word 'ageing', keeping them in repeat stack forever.

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    Same problem here. I'm stuck in the following terms:

    • côté
    • discours
    • marrant
    • chantier
    • las
    • serveuse
    • bâti

    It says "90 words to practice"—I guess this is the "repeat stack".

    It's not the first time this happens.

  • Добрый день! у меня такая же проблема. уже 3 дня у меня показываются одни те же несколько слов. Что делать?

  • Hi,
    I believe I'm encountering the same bug as this thread is discussing. I've "finished" French and so the algorithm has just been finding words in the past I've had issues with. Yesterday though I spent the 100 cards repeating the correct answers for the following words: "delit", "prestations", "poupee", "aurore", and "efficace". The same words are appearing today as well regardless of me getting them the first try.

    I love your application and want to continue using it to move to a more intermediate familiarity with the language. Thanks!

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    I started español with a repeat stack of 144, answered oposición, llegaron 8 times correctly, forman 7 times, ciencia, volvió, Ayer, llevaba, debían 6 times, pasó, asunto 5 times, éramos, verdadero, pide, quedó 4 times, mirada 3 times and iban, seguía, Queremos, venía, explicar, salida twice. There were 14 cards that I answered correctly once and on 4 cards I made mistakes. After that I had a repeat stack of 115. Having started the app anew, the counter jumped to 118 (it kept jumping to 144 or 147 today, so it's consoling to see some progress finally).

    Apart from this tiresome bug I really love Lingvist and have recommended it to three people already, you guys are great!

  • I'm having the same problem today in German, my three words are "intensiv", "künftigen", and "junger". My card counter continues to mark them off though.

  • I keep getting the same two cards over and over and over on the French course -- manoeuvre and doudou! It was working fine today until I got to these cards and now it just repeats each of them over and over and over and wont give me anything different.

  • It now says I have completed the course. None of the cards on my repeat stack are being show. I did most of them over a year ago so they should have faded by now. I know they have faded in my memory.

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    Seems to be fixed by now. Thank you!

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    @Sam-Rodgers Same weird feature here while using both Spanish and German courses. Same card keeps reappearing in a row even if I have answered it right.

  • I'm not sure if this is the same problem, but even though I am a near-daily user, today I've been getting the same card in a row in my repeat stack. Each card reappears 3-6 times in a row. The "repeat stack" counter reduces as normal, but every couple cards it jumps up ten or more, maybe back to the correct number of cards left? Hard to say.

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