Keep getting the same cards.

I have just restarted French after a break. Before then I completed the available cards. I am now just getting the same handful of cards over and over again. What I was wanting to do was review all of the cards as I am sure I have forgotten lots of them. I am showing 4297 in my repeat stack.

I'm not sure if this is the same problem, but even though I am a near-daily user, today I've been getting the same card in a row in my repeat stack. Each card reappears 3-6 times in a row. The "repeat stack" counter reduces as normal, but every couple cards it jumps up ten or more, maybe back to the correct number of cards left? Hard to say.

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@Sam-Rodgers Same weird feature here while using both Spanish and German courses. Same card keeps reappearing in a row even if I have answered it right.

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Seems to be fixed by now. Thank you!

We are investigating this issue.

It seems that on few cases we seem to show the same card in row multiple times.

We don't know yet the exact reason why it's happening.

It now says I have completed the course. None of the cards on my repeat stack are being show. I did most of them over a year ago so they should have faded by now. I know they have faded in my memory.

We have identified the problem what affects you Karen most probably.

We will be rolling out update soon to fix this.

I keep getting the same two cards over and over and over on the French course -- manoeuvre and doudou! It was working fine today until I got to these cards and now it just repeats each of them over and over and over and wont give me anything different.

I'm having the same problem today in German, my three words are "intensiv", "künftigen", and "junger". My card counter continues to mark them off though.


Our engineers checked engineers checked over your account.

We identified the problem affecting you. We added this task to our backlog to improve the algorithm, which assigned words to you to avoid this issue in future.

The problem will go away when you wait few hours and then answer words "manoeuvre" and "doudou" correctly on a first try.

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We checked now your account also.

You have similar issue than Lekris has. Please also keep a hour off and then enter these words correctly.

I started español with a repeat stack of 144, answered oposición, llegaron 8 times correctly, forman 7 times, ciencia, volvió, Ayer, llevaba, debían 6 times, pasó, asunto 5 times, éramos, verdadero, pide, quedó 4 times, mirada 3 times and iban, seguía, Queremos, venía, explicar, salida twice. There were 14 cards that I answered correctly once and on 4 cards I made mistakes. After that I had a repeat stack of 115. Having started the app anew, the counter jumped to 118 (it kept jumping to 144 or 147 today, so it's consoling to see some progress finally).

Apart from this tiresome bug I really love Lingvist and have recommended it to three people already, you guys are great!

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