Pay for Unlimited, Ability to Report Bugs in Web App Suddenly Disappeared

  • I pay for Unlimited. I paid by the year, subscribed around the new year this year and my subscription isn't near running out. All other unlimited features are working just fine.

    But I noticed that suddenly the option to report bugs and corrections or problems with the exercises, in-app, has been taken away.

    This is frustrating because I use this feature frequently.

    I have sent two emails to the Lingvist team, who is normally super prompt at responding, but I haven't heard back anything from them this time.

    Has anyone else experienced this? And does anyone know what is up with this?

    I am currently working through the Russian course and there are a lot of minor problems with the course, such as mispronunciations of individual words, especially in the single-word audio, and occasionally wrong cases, and I want to be able to report them so they can be corrected.

    I want this feature to be returned. This might affect my willingness to continue to subscribe once my subscription comes up to expire around year end.

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