Is there a way to suggest translation improvements to the Lingvist team?

  • I've noticed whilst practising the German course that there are quite a few syntax, grammar, or spelling errors in the pop-up English translations of many of the sentences; you know, the ones that appear only if you click on the circumflex-looking arrow in the upper right part of the question window. The French course is a bit better in this regard, but there are still a handful of clumsy translations here and there.

    This is a bit of a nitpick, I know, but then I also noticed a few instances where the grammatical information for the target language words to guess were also really inaccurate. An example I can think of off the top of my head would be the use of 'schweigen' in one of the German sentences; the info in the bottom left of the window stated that the word to learn was being used as a noun in the phrase, when in actuality it was only acting as a noun in the poorly translated English expression. The original German sentence was using 'schweigen' as a verb.

    I've probably overlooked it, but am I able to send the folks at Lingvist quality control or accuracy reports to help fix minor issues like these? It's kind of a moot point because I doubt any language learners out there are solely using the site or its application as their only source of learning, but I suppose every little piece of the pie counts, too. Thanks in advance!

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