New Cards now showing before Old Cards are Exhausted

  • Recently, (past 2 weeks), I believe the algorithm has changed such that new cards are shown before old cards are exhausted. This goes on until the quota (10 new cards) is hit. Previously, no new cards would show until all old cards are reviewed. I would really appreciate if we could have a slider for number of new cards. 10 new cards a day is not sustainable for some people.

    I've been doing fine, learning 1-2 new cards a day for a month now and if the number of new cards a day is going to be at 10, I can no longer use this site since it will take up too much time.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi Eric,

    You're correct, we're trying to improve the algorithm by doing tests and you happened to be in a group where new words are given before you complete your repeat stack.

    In order to stop getting new words before the completion of the repeat stack:

    1. Log in to your Lingvist account on your computer
    2. Copy-paste this link to your browser:{"NewWordsFirstExperiment"%3A {"group"%3A "A"}}

    This should take you back to the previous group and you can continue learning like you're used to.

    Happy learning!

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