Translation pages for the audio selections...?

  • First this is my first time on the site and I am so pleased and impressed. It is an awesome learning tool. My question is....Are there page translations for the audio examples? If so, please tell me how to find them if they are already available. Thank you. FYI, if the site is just translating the words singly, this is not terribly helpful or accurate for a language learner.

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    However Beelinguapp has some grave disadvantages. Their karaoke style flashy text representation can ruin your eyesight! In that aspect Lingvist is far superior.

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    @maksim @Gabriel-Vidaurre Great reference!

    I wish lingvist designers would consider incorporating/adapting some features of this app into
    lingvist reading/listening exercises.

  • There is some discussion here of digital texts with parallel translations, some with audio too. Real whole-sentence translations are going to be expensive to produce, but I think the ideal learning tool would have to include both automatic single-word translations and a full text translated by a human.

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    @njpeirce.njp I concur with your thoughts. The listening task should display only one sentence at a time together with the corresponding audio. The sentences of the listening and reading part should be displayed exactly in the same reasonably large font that you have developed for lingvist app. I have been trying out listening and reading part at work environment surrounded by distractions. The sentences are contemporary but I hugely miss translation of whole sentences. The tiny font + too many sentences at a time on screen is unnecessary distraction that hinders learning process.

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