German course bug

  • In the German course we encounter these two sentences:
    "Er ist tapfer wie ein Löwe" and "Er ist mutig wie ein Löwe"
    It is impossible to know which one the system expects.

    Is there a way to report this bug?

  • works@Lingvist

    @gisberth Hey hey, you are right - in the literal translation 'Willen und' would be there. However, "Will and testament" is a fixed term in English that simply translates to "Testament" in German. It would sound quite weird to say Willen und Testament. And as you are supposed to the learn the word "testament", you shouldn't be missing anything there. 🙂
    I hope that helps.
    All the best, Lisa

  • works@Lingvist

    @stoil-stoyanov Thanks for pointing it out. I fixed this particular bug and simply changed the sentence for "tapfer". Just to let you know, we are also working on a more wholesome solution to various issues that include synonyms and are using the German course to test these over the next couple months.
    If you notice anything else, please do post here. We love hearing from you! Liebe Grüße, Lisa

  • I found that:
    Unten ist eine Transkription von Thomas Jeffersons letztem Testament.
    Below is a transcription of Thomas Jefferson's last will and testament.
    There are two Words missing.
    Unten ist eine Transkription von Thomas Jeffersons letztem Willen und Testament.


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