German course bug

  • In the German course we encounter these two sentences:
    "Er ist tapfer wie ein Löwe" and "Er ist mutig wie ein Löwe"
    It is impossible to know which one the system expects.

    Is there a way to report this bug?

  • @ajay-biju Not sure if I'm missing something, but I cannot see any hints for either tapfer or mutig in either the browser version or the iOS app. Screenshots below (taken in the last 2 days).

    0_1545821184487_mutig vs tapfer.PNG

    0_1545821197168_tapfer vs mutig.JPG

  • Today I saw that the system indeed has corrected the mistake and provides a hint like "synonym for tapfer" which is good enough

  • @lisa-lingvist Hi! Just so you're aware, the tapfer/mutig issue is not fixed. I am still asked for both (usually back-to-back) and the synonym doesn't count as a correct answer. There is no way to tell which one I am supposed to write as the sentence is exactly the same and so is the space (at least in the iOS app).

  • I have the same issue and it is indeed very frustrating. Thank you for posting this.

  • @lisa-lingvist Hello Lisa, I've found some other translations, I'm unhappy with.

    He worked for a pharmaceutical company before opening his own lab.
    Er arbeitete für eine pharmazeutische Firma, bevor er sein eigenes Labor ***er***öffnete.

    The accused vehemently denies these allegations.
    Der Beschuldigte bestreitet diese Vorwürfe
    vehement ab.
    Abbestreiten doesn't really exist.
    -->Der Beschuldigte bestreitet diese Vorwürfe vehement.
    -->Der Beschuldigte streitet diese Vorwürfe vehement ab.

    I will wait for your confirmation before I reserve a table.
    Ich warte auf dein***e*** Zusage bevor ich einen Tisch reserviere.

    We converted our spare bedroom into an office.
    Wir haben unser(e) Gästezimmer in ein Büro umgewandelt.
    Inconsistency in number.

    For a teenager, Andreas is very reasonable.
    Für ein***en*** Teenager ist Andreas sehr vernünftig.
    Der Teenager not das Teenager

    In the city, a bear had escaped and pedestrians were simply watching.
    In der Stadt war ein Bär ausgekommen und die Passanten schauten einfach zu.
    Remark: Auskommen in this sense is only common in the south.
    entwischen ausbrechen entkommen

    Kennst du einen guten Software-Entwickler
    Do you know any good software developer(s)
    Inconsistency in number.

    Die Dorfbewohner arbeiteten zusammen, um 40 Hektar Boden zu klären und Getreide anzupflanzen.
    The villagers worked together to clear one hundred acres of land and plant crops.
    1.) Klären is used for fluids and theoretical things. I'm not sure what is ment here. Prepare? Maybe roden.
    2.) An acre is less than a half hektar. It is more something like Tagwerk, Morgen, Jauchert, Juchert, Joch, ranging from 1/5 to more than 1/2 hektar. All of them are obsolete and very regional.

  • @gisberth Sorry, I did't get the edit funktion to work once more. Here an edit error: Wussten Sie, dass Missbrauch der Medikamenten weit verbreitet ist? --> von Medikamenten (der Medikamente)

  • @lisa-lingvist I love you Lisa.

  • @lisa-lingvist Hi Lisa, that can be doubled in German as well. My problem with the translation is, that by dropping the Willen the letzten refers to Testament. Das letzte Testament is the last one of several he has witten, not der letzte Wille, the one which is legal. But I don't know whether in "last will and testament" last is related to will only or to the whole expression. If last will is the fixed expression like "letzter Wille" in German the letzte should be dropped as well. Otherwise if, as you wrote, "will and testament" is the fixed expression and last, refers to the last one he wrote, everything is fine and I was misled by the German expression.
    Just found this one: Jen wanted to ride the elephant. It forces me to write Jen wollte auf dem Elefant reiten. From other opportunities I know that the weak declension is a special challenge for many people, so that shouldn't be wrong.
    I enountered some others during the last days but didn't write them down. Are you still interested getting informed? Best regards, Gisberth.

  • works@Lingvist

    @gisberth Hey hey, you are right - in the literal translation 'Willen und' would be there. However, "Will and testament" is a fixed term in English that simply translates to "Testament" in German. It would sound quite weird to say Willen und Testament. And as you are supposed to the learn the word "testament", you shouldn't be missing anything there. 🙂
    I hope that helps.
    All the best, Lisa

  • works@Lingvist

    @stoil-stoyanov Thanks for pointing it out. I fixed this particular bug and simply changed the sentence for "tapfer". Just to let you know, we are also working on a more wholesome solution to various issues that include synonyms and are using the German course to test these over the next couple months.
    If you notice anything else, please do post here. We love hearing from you! Liebe Grüße, Lisa

  • I found that:
    Unten ist eine Transkription von Thomas Jeffersons letztem Testament.
    Below is a transcription of Thomas Jefferson's last will and testament.
    There are two Words missing.
    Unten ist eine Transkription von Thomas Jeffersons letztem Willen und Testament.

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