Resetting only one course

  • Hello,

    I'm currently learning Spanish and I've already started Russian months ago. Since I have done much progress in Spanish, I would like to know if I can reset only my Russian course, and not my Spanish course, since I want to keep my progress in Spanish.

    Thank you


  • The problem is that I can't see my progress in Russian. When I go in progress > vocabulary, I can't see the pareto diagram with the percentage of text that I can understand. It displays "Your vocabulary is being calculated"

    Actually I already learned 525 words in Russian and 1300+ in Spanish so I don't want to reset anymore. Can you fix the vocabulary problem?

    Thank you

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi @Simon-Boutin,

    Sadly, it isn’t possible (technically) to reset one course only. We would appreciate if you let us know what challenge you are trying to address, I could pass it to my team.


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