Why did "allow" in this sentence counts as "enable"?

  • I typed "allow".
    In another cases Lingvist declines the synonyms of some words but there:
    alt text

  • I would imagine because they have a similar meaning. You could use either, but the small distinction between the two words is that "allow" does not insinuate any support for the subject (imagine an impartial judge saying "I will allow it"), while enable insinuates support.

    I noticed this a few times as well, but it seems to be quite rare, and may also have to do with the word length, but from my experience they don't have to have similar letters.

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    I've got no insight to the relevant algorithms either, but from my experience it's mostly a matter of word length. The "gaps" in the cards where you're typing your answer reflect the length of the word Lingvist looks for. If, for example, you'd type "authorize" you'd be able to see that it doesn't fit before you send your answer.

    But "allow" and "enable" have the same number of letters and are (in a font with proportional widths) of roughly the same length. So Lingvist probably gives some leeway in those cases.

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