What is the plan for future features in Lingvist? +feedback

  • Hello,

    I'm curious what you guys have planned for new features for lingvist? I'm coming up on renewing my plan. I was very happy to find this app over a year ago, and I saw a lot of potential, but a lot of the changes/additions are things I never use, while the changes that would make this app amazing are relatively simple.

    The new Practice section is maybe good for a beginner, but I haven't found it useful enough to go back to. This must have been a huge investment that could have been spent on subjectively more important things first. I do like the new word review list and more info on words I get wrong. Those were two changes that helped a lot.

    IMO the #1 thing you guys need to work on is word selection. I often find myself wondering "why am I learning this word!?!", because the app brings up some obscure word that I will never use in day to day conversation, while I hardly ever see words that I could really use on a day to day basis. It really makes this app less than optimal. At least allow me to import/enter my own words and sentences, and allow me to skip words that I don't find important. It's really frustrating, because you guys are so close!

    Why are there no more sections? It would be great as an engineer working in switzerland to have a technical section of words. The football section may be helpful for some, but I wish you would have at least 20 sections, like a lot of other apps have.

    Also, maybe a special issue.. I haven't used the app for a few months, and now that I am trying to get back into it, my words to repeat is at over 1500, which isn't itself necessarily bad, but almost all of them are way way to easy, and its wasting my time to the point where I'm considering trying to start the app from scratch and hope the placement test puts me back where I was. Is there any way to fix this?

    Also, dark mode would be great for late at night.

    Thank to the team for developing the app this far, it my favourite language app! These changes could make it near flawless.

  • I personally would rather the team prioritize adding new languages, like Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Japanese, or Portuguese, than I would see them add new features. I think the core functionality of Lingvist is outstanding and my main complaint is that there are very few languages able to be learned.

    Some of these recommendations are good, though and seem like they would be easy to implement. I like the idea of a "dark mode" and that seems like it would be easy to implement.

    I personally find nearly all the vocabulary useful, and I wouldn't want to skip any of it. The vocabulary is included in order of frequency of use, and I have noticed that I hear virtually all the vocabulary if I immerse myself in the culture enough. I don't feel like I've learned any "wasted" esoteric words. Some words that I initially thought were esoteric, occur in frequently used idioms.

  • works@Lingvist

    Thanks, Max, as mentioned in the email we hope to be able to find a day to chat about your feedback next week.
    We welcome all other learners with constructive feedback to get in touch over hello@lingvist.io.

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