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    The russian words you used to translate "putting" look quite odd in that sentence. "Класть" and "ставить" are used for objects (and a team is not an object).
    Also i don't have any good ideas about the right translation, because "(we are) putting" is actually for "(Мы) кладём, ставим", but "We are putting together a team" means "Мы собираем команду". Anyway, what is currently used there is totally weird.

  • @maksim said in RU-EN weird translation:

    "Я хочу вернуть свои деньги, потому что заказ не пришёл".

    imho it could be "I want a full refund, because the order isn't delivered."

  • I see that вернуть means 'regain' as well as return. From Linguee: "кредиторы хотят вернуть свои деньги" = "the lenders want their money back". So 'return' is in fact wrong here.

  • I thought I might hijack this thread to ask about a translation that left me confused:

    "Я хочу вернуть свои деньги, потому что заказ не пришёл".

    This is translated as (afaik) "I want to return my money, because the order did not arrive". Should it not rather be "I want my money to be returned…", "I want you to return my money…" - in other words, something a customer would say if they paid for something but didn't receive it?

  • Hi @katya270495

    Thank you for the question! Sorry for my late reply. I will reply in Russian to explain the issue.

    Вы абсолютно правы, переводы «класть» и «ставить» смотрятся на данной карточке не очень уместно. Дело в том, что под карточкой даётся перевод слова (putting), а не фразового глагола (to put together – собирать). К сожалению, на данный момент в нашей программе нет возможности изучать фразовые глаголы, а только отдельные слова.

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