Application Hangs Switching Internal Course

  • Hi There,

      I have been using the German unlimited course for well over a year now without any major problems. Recently however I was prompted and switched to the Talking Football sub course, which was fine.
      Having completed that, I am prompted to go back to the General Course and nothing happens whatsoever. If I click on the go to General Course option nothing happens, if I page back and refresh then it just sits there hanging / looping.  If I go to the Personalize your course page to switch from football to general, again it won't let me and stubbornly stays on the football course. It wouldn't be so bad if I could still access the football course for repeat cards but that doesn't work either.
     Basically at the moment I have a completely useless course on my hands and I don't know what to try next.
      This happens on all my devices - Window 10 Chrome Browser and Edge Browser, Pixel 3 app, Pixel C app and Chrome Browser - so this is not a device specific issue. 
       If it helps the page on which it seems to hang / loop is
                   Neil Clements

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