Alternative to writing ß in German course.
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It would save us some time if users could write alternative letters to ß, for example ss. We can type common letters instead of umlauts (a instead of ä, o->ö, u->ü), but I didn't find a way to type an alternative to the eszett. It's a little bit time consuming to click on the "symbols" button and pick eszett manually.

You could also use a German keyboard layout, it's quite easy to set it up and you can switch with the press of a button :)
If you're using English keyboard (qwerty) the only important thing that changes (for this course) is Y and Z are switched.
The ß can then be found on the button right of 0 in the number row :)
( ö would be right of L, ä right of ö and ü above ä)

Just saying c:

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Thank you for the suggestion!
I do have a German keyboard layout on my own computer, and I even managed to switch Y and Z back:)
Unfortunately this is not an option when I'm on vacation and use a computer that is also used by other family members, adding the third keyboard layout will be too much for my parents :)


@Daniil, @maksim, @DasCapschen, perhaps this will come in handy. One of our learners has written a script which you can add to a plugin for Chrome or Firefox, enabling the $ sign to bring up the special characters menu without clicking the button. Check out the thread here and hi-five if it works for you.

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