Group words, focus on grammar, train speaking

  • First of all, I would like to thank those people who are dedicating their effort for building this amazing app. Lingvist is one of the great app for learning language, however, I think it will be even more better if lingvist has the following functions:

    • Group words into categories:
      I think it is easier to memorize words when they are already classified into different categories. I've already learned 579 French words, but to be honest, I don’t know if remember them all and how to use them, not to mention I don’t know if that word is a feminine word or masculine word. So as a language learner, I would like to choose category so that I can learn those particular words and review them whenever I want.

    • Focus on grammar:
      Learning a lot of words is useless if you can’t even form a sentence. That is what happening to me right now, after learning 579 french words, I can’t even know how to say a sentence in French, except Bonjour, comment ca va? . there are a lot of way of negations as well like: jamais, plus, ne.. pas. I would like to know how to use them. So as a language learner, I would like to learn some grammars and do exercise about it so that I know how to form a sentence.

    • Speaking:
      I think there should be some speaking exercise: for example, repeat a word or a sentence, speak an answer to a question instead of typing.

    These are just my personal opinions, thanks for reading.

  • @Phoenix95 If you want to learn the genders of nouns, you could seek out an Anki deck for French, or make your own using that program. It also supports category tagging, so you can restrict your learning to a certain category (if these tags are provided, or added by you)

    As for understanding whole sentences, it seems obvious to mention Duolingo here, have you tried it?

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