Is there a keyboard shortcut to open the special character menu?

  • I've just started learning German here. When I open the special character menu, each character has a shortcut; for example, 4 is lowercase a with umlaut. This is a nice feature, but it is still cumbersome to insert special characters because I have to open the menu with the mouse. Is there, or will there be, a shortcut to open the menu? Then every special character can be inserted with two keystrokes: [X} to open the menu and then the corresponding number. Thank you!

  • works@Lingvist

    Hey @goodbyemrevans-lingvist, a thread requesting keyboard shortcut for opening up special characters menu got an unexpected twist when one of our learners came up with a hack. Check it out!

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi @goodbyemrevans-lingvist! Great job for finding a linking your post to the feature request here. There is no shortcut to open the special characters menu at the moment, but I'd like to loop our designers in to let them know there is such a request. I'll move the discussion to the link above. Anyone interested in the same feature, please plus 1 here.

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