My repeat words are capped and the course ends abruptly

Dear Developers,
Having used Linguist for some 21 months I think, and apparently having attained the end of the deck at about 4680 French words I would like to express a little frustration.
From about 3600 words Linvist has been congratulating me on finishing the course, and then consequently limiting the number of words that I can review.
Yesterday it was just 33 words. Today it was about 60 words.

My frustration is this: the amount of words it gives to review is limited to just this small amount. It is not possible to review the recommended daily amount of 150 plus words. So that I find that my knowledge of the words that have been presented to me has actually been slipping.

This to me is a really bad problem and one which I believe needs to be rectified immediately. Initially I had been achieving 80-90% correct. Admittedly it does fluctuate. Sometimes it is as high as 78%, but today it came up with words that had not been presented for a long time and the score rate was a terrible 63%.
I am now feeling that Linguist has in some respect cheated me by so greatly restricting the number of words that can now been reviewed - far less than what seems to be necessary to cement retention in long term memory- and is sort of like making me question whether all the time and effort of the past months has been worth it.**

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@ian.gaudry I have the same problem with Russian. Although it’s a normal feature of a spaced repetition system that reviews will decline, the level of reviews on here sees to be very low.

If advanced settings like those in Anki are not going to be added, there should probably be some other way to influence the rate at which cards become due.

@maksim alternatively, it could be done automatically: if performance on mature cards is poor, the interval on all cards is reduced


@maksim, @ian-gaudry, may we quickly check if your repeat stack is empty at the time of abrupt course graduation?

Hello. I have the same problem with my completed french-to-english course. After only one repetition, Lingvist congratulates me and say that there are no repetitions left. But the control panel says that I need to review 29 words.

Here is a picture.


Thanks, @wow1bastmaster! Let me loop our technical people in to see what may be going on.


In my screenshot, you can see that I have 29 cards to review. It's always like that: Lingvist congratulates me when there are 29 cards left to review.


Thanks for raising this.

We have investigated the issue and found that something has gone wrong for you, unfortunately we were unable to find the root cause right now.

As I see you have learned on days after the issue appeared.

Is everything working correct now?.

In case it happens again then please try to reload the page (this clears local cache) and then in case issue persist, let us know again. We would like to dig a bit more on the logs to figure out the root cause of the issue.


We did a tiny change on our side, which invalidates all your local caches. This could fix the issue.

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