App shows course completion while repeat stack isn't empty


I have completed the estonian-english language course. When I try to repeat words after little pause I cann't do that. After few days Lingvist says
You have completed the course (originally (in estonian) "Jõudsid inglise keele kursuse Õpi-jaotise lõppu!") and in the same time lingvist says "you have xxxx words to repeat" (originally in estonian Täna: 5 min 41 s, 0 uut sõna, 53% õigeid kordusi, 17 kaart(i). Sõnu korrata 3460) - today 5 min 41 sec ... ... 3640 words to repeat)
Both cann't be true in the same time "i have completed the course" and "i have more than 3000 words to repeat".

last pause between learning was about 1 month, the previous one about 3 month. I use Lingvist web application.


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Thanks for raising it.

We know about this bug and we are currently working on fixing it.

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