How do I bring up translations?

I'm going through En > De course on Android and on the Web app. I've noticed that Android app offers a whole sentence translation, while there is nothing alike in online version. Also, both versions fail to provide per word translation while clicking/taping on the word. Web app says "translation missing" and phone app displays just empty box. As I already know some German, it doesn't stop me from learning, though it might be a more serious hurdle for newcomers. I'm just wondering is it a bug, mission feature or it just supposed to be this way?

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It may not be obvious at the first sight, but if you double-click on the context the context translation will appear on top of the card in Webapp.

Oh! And I even can pin that translation bar. Thanks a lot! Though, per word translation should probably be fixed of disabled as it leaves not very good impression it its current state.


Hi @dev_temp, individual words' translations is something we will be adding in the future. Some of us are learning German with the app too and would very much like to see the feature up there:)

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