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    Is it really different to learn a language at different ages? What about in school vs. self-study or digital learning?

    Recently we celebrated the European Day of Languages, a day created to encourage people to learn a language at any age, through any method.

    The European Day of Languages is a call for us to learn a language beyond that which we already know and to “encourage member states to learn more languages, at any age, in and out of school.”

    What do you think?

  • @Marlene I think 13 might be a magic number, i had a friend from Italy in high school who moved over when he was about 14 speaking no English whatsoever. Within a few months who spoke grammatically perfectly, but even after a couple years he always had a slight accent. His younger sister (who was 12) had no accent. I also met a kid from Ukraine when i was in Spain who had moved to Madrid when he was 13 and he also spoke Spanish with no noticeable accent.

  • I wanted to add my two cents here briefly.
    I grew up in Austria and Germany until I was 13 years old and had school-English for three years at the Gymnasium. Then, at the age of 13, my mother moved my brother and I to the U.S. and I realised that I knew essentially nothing. Within about 4 months of going to the local high school however, I was more or less fluent, could converse and above all, spoke English without an accent (so people told me).
    My brother, not even two years older, has always kept a slight German accent when he speaks English. So, while there are many factors that play into learning a language, I do think age is pretty critical in being able to speak a language at a native level or accent-free.
    Anymore, I also think that self-study and digital learning can surpass many in-class language lessons with regard to effectiveness and efficiency in learning the intended language. Combine Lingvist with immersion and you’ll be good to go. 😉

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    Hope this fills a need !

  • I believe it's possible! Because I believe that man can do everything !

  • I'm 73 and have just begun a new language - Spanish. I'm also a language teacher, so I'll tell you what I see as different for me now. Over the years I could have bought a ticket to Lisbon with the number of times I've said to my students practice, repeat, and study regularly. Now I know for certain that this is the only way to get ahead in a new language.

    It is also equally good advice, if like me you are reviewing and extending an earlier learned language, in this case French.

    I would also suggest not thinking too hard about grammar. Practice and repeat, in the beginning is much more useful than trying to learn fine points of grammar

  • Without getting overly philosophical I would like to point out that curiosity and creativity plays a vital role in the ability to pick up a language. As we age these core assets of value tend to diminish in favor of so-called "mature" approaches to life.

    When it comes to school it is may end up becoming a forced relation between the pupil and the language in question - a bad combination.

    When it comes to self-study I guess this is where I usually excel out of curiosity and some other kinks I employ to make learning more dynamic and enjoyable.

    As for digital learning I suppose I am not knowledgeable enough, yet. When it comes to Lingvist I am slightly disappointed that I there is no double layer of words implemented to circumvent and diminish a humans ability to choose patterns over word memory. What I mean under the "double layer" is that words should have at least two sample cases split over a longer time horizon in the studying process to provide a more dynamic studying experience.

    When coming back to different ages this topic goes way beyond language learning and each brain has areas that need improvement - something that is constantly neglected by the majority based on empirical experience when interacting with people. There is something unnerving about these tendencies - let us see where this leads us as a society 🙂

    Etc. etc. in an effort to keep is short and simple.

    P.S. Please, do something about my username being my e-mail.

  • I think the motivations are different for different ages. One of the reasons I'm learning French is to exercise my brain. That certainly wasn't a priority when I was a school!

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