I'm new to Lingvist and I can't understand how it works

  • I am trying to use my arrow keys on my key board to get new cards but nothing is working. What am I doing wrong? I am new to this program. Thanks for your help.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi @kscarey, welcome to Lingvist and our forum! I am moving your request to the FAQ room.

    A few words about Lingvist
    With us, you will be learning the most frequently spoken words. Each word you will be asked to repeat at a specific time, optimal for you (when you are just about to start forgetting it). Here's a video about how Lingvist works:

    As you land on the first card, you are asked to spell out a word in the language you have picked to learn. Hitting 'Enter' or the right arrow will reveal a correct answer, but you still need to spell it out to advance to the next card.

    How to learn with Lingvist

    We suggest doing as many cards as possible on the first day, and then making a regular habit of doing some learning every day—50 cards at least, more if you can. If you have already done some cards, pretend you are doing it for the first time! Challenge yourself to do as many as you can today, and then take it easier in the days to come. Our data suggests that over the long term, consistency is more important than quantity.

    What's more

    Got a question? Visit our Fitness Studio, it's a place for our learners and linguists to talk to each other.

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