I had 118 new words in a row

I've just started--I think I'm on my fifth day learning French. Suddenly there's a huge onslaught of new words--118 so far in the last 130 cards, and there's no sign of letting up. I keep thinking its time to review--to practice, to commit these words to memory--but new words just keep coming! I assume this is by design, but any thoughts, perspective, advice will be appreciated.

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Hi @jim-austin, I'm moving your request to the technical area. Would you please share a screenshot of your Progress/Today page? It would help our product manager @Raul-Liive to understand the context.

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Marina, by the time this message appeared, it wasn't the same day. When I first glanced at my progress page this morning, it was still from yesterday--but that vanished before I could take a screenshot, replaced by today's (so-far blank) report. But I did get a look at what it said: It said I had 300 new words in 373 cards. (The onslaught of new words did ease toward the end of the day, but I felt I was only (so far) exercising a small portion of the words I'd been introduced to over the course of the day. I'll be happy to provide a screenshot of yesterday's daily progress, but you'll need to tell me how to do that, since it isn't obvious.)

I tried to upload a screenshot of my progress for the past week (which shows 371 cards for yesterday, but doesn't say how many words I was introduced to) but I got an error: It said I don't have enough privileges to upload. Can you tell me what the green percentage indicates? For yesterday it was zero.

Change my privileges and I'll upload what I can.


![0_1484226879314_Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 8.09.28 AM.png](Uploading 100%)

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@jim.austin said in I had 118 new words in a row:

Can you tell me what the green percentage indicates? For yesterday it was zero.

Oops--that green percentage, whatever it is, just changed. For yesterday it now says 99% instead of 0%. [Edit: I also just realized that the weekly history DOES indicate how many new words I was introduced to: It says 300 new words, in 373 cards.]

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Thanks for raising the questions.

You have been doing some great progress over the first 4 days.

118 words in row can come from us when you answer all of these cards correctly. We are repeating often the ones where you make mistakes. All correct ones will be repeated also, but they will come much later in your learning process.

The stats on the history view have following meanings:

  • green - % of correctly answered card in numbers view and total number of correct cards in graph
  • orange - number of new words
  • blue - total number of cards done

Please note that on web the graphs are capped on 300 card max currently. We will amend that design in future.

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