Keyboard shortcuts for special characters

  • I use a laptop, so the web version, and I'm a fast typist. I prefer to do everything with my hands on the keyboard. For this reason--and because Lingvist lets me get away with it--I usually ignore accents; I just don't bother to type them in. Typing in an accent would require spending at least twice as much time on a card. (But then, I'd be learning spelling/accents much better.)

    I notice special characters already have a special key, once you've opened the special characters menu. So all that's needed is a way of opening the menu from the keyboard. Maybe it already exists?

  • @crush I saw it, I checked it, but wasn't able to reproduce it on my side, so I came to a conclusion it was some kind of a local problem. I'm glad it works for you again. Have fun!

  • @dev_temp It works for me today, yesterday it seems there were some problems with the site, at least for me and a few other users.

  • @crush The shortcut works perfectly for me in German course (shift + arrow up), also I have a progress page on it's place. Have you tried to clear cache, cookies and re-logging?

  • @Raul-Tammesalu said in Keyboard shortcuts for special characters:

    Special characters aka the Diacritics are now officially supported by new keyboard shortcut:

    Shift + UP

    This shortcut doesn't work for me under Firefox or Windows, though i use the Catalan keyboard so it's not a huge issue for me. Though it might be because the site seems to be having other technical issues now (progress isn't getting saved and the stats section won't load).

  • works@Lingvist

    Thanks everyone on this thread who's contributed to highlighting the importance of this feature and @c-partiot for coming up with a hack (which still works, together with the "official solution")!


  • works@Lingvist

    Special characters aka the Diacritics are now officially supported by new keyboard shortcut:

    Shift + UP

  • Installing a "language" (that is, a different keyboard) is very easy if you have Windows. I use international US keyboard which allows me to use special characters with ease.

  • @c.partiot Thanks so much for this! Works like a charm

  • I think it's a nice idea as well, but it's also worth mentioning that installing an international layout with dead keys (Spanish) or without (German) is much more convenient. Personally i like the standard Spanish/Catalan layout as it lets you type most accents you'd need for any European language. The English International layout is also an option, but not as convenient for certain accents (namely the grave accent, ñ, and circumflex). So depending on which language(s) you study/plan to write it, you might want to take that into account...

  • @jim.austin you only need to reload page (Cmd+R / F5)

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi @jim-austin, thanks for spelling it out for others! Btw, you can do the same if you're working on Mac.
    For PC users @c-partiot's script is an excellent shortcut!

  • Now that my wish for this keyboard shortcut has been fulfilled, I must now report that in OS X there is a better way, as I've just discovered. If you simply hold down the letter key--say, e--several accented e's will pop up, each with its own key, similar to the way the lingvist version works. So, I hold down the e key and then type 2, and I get: é. 3: ê ... and so on. Holding down the o key and then pressing 2: ö. This works anywhere.

  • Thanks for this--seems to work great! One addition to instructions though, necessary in my case: In Chrome at least, quit and restart the browser. For me it didn't work until I did this.

    Thanks so much--although now I've lost my excuse for not paying attention to accents. : -( 😉

  • works@Lingvist

    Hey @c-partiot, amazing job!!! Thanks for sharing it here.
    @jim-austin, @goodbyemrevans-lingvist, check it out, guys. I've just used it and it worked like a charm! Keyboard shortcut for special characters on Lingvist!

  • I create an user script for that, it use "$" key (never used in lingvist) to simply open the menu, so you can use numeral key to insert accented char

    to use it you need to install Firefox addon [greasemonkey](l or Chrome addon violentmonkey

    Then create a new script in addon with this content:

    // ==UserScript==
    // @name        accent keyboard shortcut
    // @namespace
    // @include*
    // @version     1
    // @grant       none
    // ==/UserScript==
    document.addEventListener('keydown', (e) => {
      if(e.key !== '$'){
      document.querySelector('.toggle-diacritics').dispatchEvent(new MouseEvent('click', {'bubbles': true}))

  • works@Lingvist

    Vous m'effrayez. Hope I got that right. . 😉

    Ha! I did just drop that in there a bit too casually perhaps 😛 It's something we're definitely looking into and the linguistic team is keen. It would probably be something that get's introduced as you become more of an advanced user.

    Ultimately, it is quite important since not using the correct special character can purvey some very different meanings to a word. A good example is 'año' in Spanish... 😜

  • @Jonn-Galea said in Keyboard shortcuts for special characters:

    This is a pretty cool idea, and something we are looking into as we will eventually start penalising users (depending on level) for not using correct diacritics / special characters.

    Vous m'effrayez. Hope I got that right. . 😉

    I've upped this up the to-do list and will keep you guys informed in terms of progress 🙂

    Merci beaucoup.

  • @Marina-Shutova I'm on Mac.

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