How to access "Read and Listen" section?

  • Hi, I am unable to find the "Read and Listen" section on lingvist anywhere (I am using it via a browser). Is it gone? If not how do I get it? Thanks!

    ps. Also so you know im learning Spanish.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hey @Bart, @Lee-Sean-Huang, great you raised this question. It is commonly asked. Here's the deal with the read and listen sections:

    • newly launched courses (any other course but ET, RU, FR, ES, DE >EN & ET, RU, EN>FR) don't have the read and listen sections, because we haven't added them yet; we posted a statement about it in our general FAQ article: "We ourselves would like to see them up there sooner than later. While we are working on bringing you reading and listening exercises in some form in the future, we encourage you to work with the Learn module to build vocabulary."

    • the new native apps are temporarily missing the read and listen sections for the courses which previously had them (the new app has got a lot more power, and the old features will be coming back). If you were to choose read and listen as the feature to bring back first, please cast your vote for it here!

  • @Bart I can't find it either. Has this feature been disabled?

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