How to remove a course and choose new

Hello everyone
I do not know if there is solution for the problems from above title. I tried my best to find solution.
Dear Lingvist staff,
Can you make some option inside Android application to:

  • switch into another language course (I would like to learn German after Spanish without turning on computer and web browser (waste of time)
  • remove course from a list (I can add every course but I cannot remove anyone from a list, for example I am not interested in learning Russian but this course is on my list)

Thanks in advance.

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@merowingster you can switch your course in Android app by tapping a grid in a left upper corner and going into to you account settings, there you should tap on the desired course to switch to. As about removing the course, there are couple of threads on this forum requesting that feature and I guess it will be implemented sooner or later. Right now, your best option is to make a request here to remove the course you no longer need, and they will remove it from your account at some point... I hope it will help.

Thank u very much for the answer.
Unfortunately, i cannot find any element in a left upper corner (picture attached).
Screenshot from android application

Have a good day/night.

@merowingster that's odd. Do you have the latest version installed? Also, swiping left to right works for me as well. That's what I have: my case

Yeah, that was weird. In google play everything was ok, but i uninstalled and installed again Lingvist App.
Now everything is ok and i have true latest version.
Thank you for solving my problem.
Greetings from Poland!

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Proszę :-)

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