I don't have any issue to now when use Твой or Ваш in real life because "ton" and "votre" work the same way in French.
But when using Lingvist I have no clue with one I have to use because I don't know if I "tutoie" (informal) or "vouvoie" (formal, polite) the person.
Could you add something like formal form or informal in the indications below ? Or there is already an indication I didn't see ?

Hi @Marine

There are comments whether ты or вы is being asked under the translation. I've attached a screenshot of a card. Hope it helps! :)!

Not for all case, for example :
You say : masculine, singular, adj, prep and the sentence is exactly the same.
(By the way, it is a typo for the translation "on your" ?)

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@Marine, with the next course update all the comments will be visible. Some of the comments were added later so they are not shown at the moment.

The preposition на means both on, in and to. In this case it is probably better to say in. I will correct the translation.

Thank you a lot for all your hard work

@Marine, I'm always glad to help :)

I think I found another one, вашими is not accepted

@maksim The comments will soon be seen! :)

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