"Translation Missing" for every word in spanish course

When I click on specific words, I get a popup saying "Translation Missing". Is this a known issue?

@sfvermeulen I have complained about the same thing in German. They replied "individual words' translations is something we will be adding in the future". So, at least they know about the issue. Though, it's not clear why did they rolled out the feature that is still in development to the production, but may be it's easier for them to work that way, go figure... The tool is still great and free, so we probably should show some forgiveness to minor glitches.

The amount of missing translations varies by language pair.

In some language pairs it's only few words, but on others it can be bigger.

We are updating the courses data nearly every week to add new context and words.

@dev_temp Agreed, the tool is fantastic anyway so this isn't a big deal - just wanted to report it in case it isn't already known

What about a way to see the full translation of the entire sentence? There is an option on the mobile app that works great but I don't see an option for this in the web version. On mobile this works by having a thumbtack icon that can be turned on or off

You can see this on desktop also, but it's very well hidden by us :).

Press up arrow on keyboard or double click on single word to see it.

We are working on making it well visible.

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